Lesson Study Open Houseのご案内

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2011年11月18日(金)に,Lesson Study Open House(研究発表会)を開催いたします。詳しいことは,次の案内をご覧ください。



Dear Sir/Madame:

The Greenwich Japanese School cordially invites you to our annual Open House which will be held on Friday, November 18th, 2011.


The purpose of the Open House is to report the results of our educational research to help educators who hope to enhance the academic skills of their students in all subject areas.  Our research-based practice is all theory driven.  The results of our research indicate that the best strategy to enhance the academic abilities of students is to engage them frequently in activities that require critical and diverse thinking and to encourage them to solve problems collaboratively.  This learning strategy has been used in many subject areas including mathematics and Japanese Language Arts.

We will demonstrate Japanese teaching techniques which might become useful to you in improving the academic performance of your students in a variety of areas, including standardized testing.

Our research team consists of four divisions: Elementary Japanese Language Arts, Elementary mathematics, Junior High school, and Special Education.  These four divisions have worked enthusiastically in order to enhance the academic performances of all students.  We will be happy to present you with four lessons developed by our research team and to discuss their outcomes with you after the lessons.

We sincerely hope that this opportunity will be fruitful for both you and us, and we are looking forward to seeing you all.  Please refer to the schedule and application procedures on the next page if you like to attend this Open House.

Very truly yours,

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